SSP maintains highest quality system which is based on ISO 9001:2008, API Q1, and customers' specific requirements. Quality policies and objectives are implemented, maintained, and verified for continuing suitability at all levels of the company's organization. Quality incorporates with our supply chain processes, from procurement to product manufacturing, planning, testing and qualification, storage, logistics and post-sales assistance such as complaints handing.  
SSP’s commitment to product reliability begins with precise documentation of raw material and continues through each step of manufacturing to a finished product stage for shipment. Each and every size, grade for different wall thickness of the pipe is tracked electronically through 12 stages of production. Within the system there exist a wide range of report as part of conformance to API, ISO documentation requirements and individual customer need.  


Welding Variables Control

Beyond material tractability, another vital elements of process controlling monitoring and controlling critical variables in the welding process through Continues Electronic Process Control (CEPC). It is well recognized that the key to consistent weld quality is the maintenance of the proper welding current, line speed, welding power and welding temperature. These variables are monitored and controlled on continual basis.

Seam Annealing with Automatic Seam Tracking

The weld area and heat affected zone (HAZ) are normalized by reheating followed by cooling in a still air to ensure homogeneous metallographic structure and eliminate residual stresses formed by forming and welding.