Induction Bending

"Free your imagination"


Induction Bending is a controlled high precision bending of pipe and shapes under localized heating using high frequency induction electric power. It is a flexible and versatile method to solve and simplify many difficult situations for mechanical and construction contractors in oil, gas, petrochemical plants and architectural structures to substitute for elbows and fittings and to make new creative shapes.

SSP is the largest bending manufacturer of steel pipes in the middle east with advanced technology machines capable of bending Angles, H & I beams and rectangular shapes . SSP has currently 3 production lines capable to bend pipe sizes ranging from 2"(inch) to 64”(inch) diameter with unlimited radius and wall thickness up to 120 mm to meet diverse high quality requirements in many fields for mechanical and construction contractors, advanced onshore and offshore oil & gas pipeline applications, petrochemical plants and architectural structures.