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ERW Pipes & Tubes  

Electrical Resistance Welding (ERW)


    a controlled high precision welded steel pipes formed by

rolling hot rolled coil (HRC) and welding is the seam with

High Frequency Induction Heating (HFI) process. Pressure

is used to forge the material under elevated temperature

to melt together, and no filler material is added to the weld

(only Forging). The welding apparatus contains an induction

coil that is energized with a high-frequency electric current.

This generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field that

acts on work piece with no contact between the coil

and the pipe surface.





     SSP main activities include Manufacturing of Black and Galvanized ERW steel pipes in size range (1/2” – 20”) for Oil & Gas Pipelines, Water Pipelines, Oil Well Casing, Water Well Casing, Chilled Water Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Pump Column Pipes, Piling, Industrial Frames, Fencing, Scaffolding, Water Irrigation, Cars Exhaust, Decoration, Furniture, Ceiling and other many other industrial and Construction applications.  



Electrical Resistance Welding Capabilities:


  Size Range  
  OD/Size Wall Thickness Pipe Length Spec
Small Dia 1/2”~4” (1.5 – 9.5)mm (3.0 – 13.0)M

API 5L   _  UL6  _    ASTM 500 _  EN-10219 _ ASTM A53
BS 4568 _  BSC  _    EN-10255  _  SASO 1011 _    ANSI C80.1 
BS 1139 _  SBS  _     EN39          _  BS 1387 L, M

Large Dia 6” ~ 20” (4.8 – 16.0)mm (5.0 – 18.0)M ASTM A252   _   API 5CT      _  ASTM A53   
BS 1387 H    _  SASO 1011   _  01-SAMSS 333 CLASS B 
ISO 3183     _   API 5l          _  01-SAMSS 333 CLASS C


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