Production Process

Production process

A controlled high precision welded steel pipes formed by rolling hot rolled coil (HRC) and welding is the seam with High Frequency Induction Heating (HFI) process. Pressure is used to forge the material under elevated temperature to melt together, and no filler material is added to the weld (only Forging). The welding apparatus contains an induction coil that is energized with a high-frequency electric current. This generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field that acts on work piece with no contact between the coil and the pipe surface.

SSP has an annual manufacturing capacity of 340,000 MT of HFI pipes that incorporates
with  the state-of-the-art technology for tubing, finishing and phase array UT operations to meet the highest quality standards.


Manufacturing capabilities


Product Line

Size Ranges


HFI pipes

½” – 20”

340,000 MTY

Hot Induction Bends

2” - 64”

30,000 MTY

External Coating

4” - 30”

1   Million M²

Threading & Coupling

6-5/8” - 20”

3 Million FT

SSP high frequency electric-welded pipes are widely used throughout the oil and gas industry, construction and other industrial applications.