Training and Learning

What do you learn with us!

Training programs are conducted at various levels to enhance the skill of the workforce. It helps new employees to adapt their work environments through a comprehensive orientation program. The program addresses the basics of company's policies, rules and regulations, organization structure, products & specifications, environmental control, safety, production and maintenance.

With the concept of delivering know-how that has a direct effect on production, safety, quality and management, the training programs are planned, and conducted in accordance with the employee's duties and responsibilities.

On-The-Job Training (OJT)

This training is mandatory for the development and improvement of working efficiency, especially of the newly hired employees, and when personnel in key position is changed, replaced and transferred. A trainer experienced and skilled in specific position is partnered with the selected trainees. This practical training is performed on the job and subject to supervision by the concerned foreman and engineer. The Company issues the OJT certificate to each trainee who goes through the prescribed training course.

External Training

The main purpose of this training is to have employees acquire more advanced and special information, technology and know-how unavailable at the Company Training Center. The external training is open to every employee based upon the nature of work and each employee's duties and responsibilities. In previous years, many employees have enjoyed training opportunities locally or abroad ranging over various fields from the management to the up-to-date computer technique. Awarding of training certificates is held during the Company’s Anniversary Day ceremony.

English Language Course

The Training Center includes the English Language Unit (ELU) for employees to develop and enhance written and spoken English skills so they can react and express needs, opinions, feelings, and attitudes appropriate to their work situations. At the management level, a "Technical English Writing Course" is also provided for personnel who wants to refresh and improve their command of the English Language.

Technical Training

In addition, the Training Center provides "Technical Training Courses". The technical training contains a variety of short courses including : General Safety and First Aid, General Quality, Production Cost Control, Preventive Maintenance, and Miscellaneous lectures related to company's type of Industry.

Computer Training

The Training Center also provides "In House" Computer Training, which includes : Microsoft Office, and Our ERP System (QAD ERP). This is in addition to other small computer Courses